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Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting


All over the world, fasting has gained popularity not only to the Muslims on this month of Ramadan, but to all. For the Muslim community, fasting is a declaration they have on faith and not for weight loss or any health issue. Numerous theories have been placed over the effects of fasting but the truth is always known as a result of continuing studies and researches. The following are some of the benefits that come with 24 hour fasting.


The first merit is that it's a proven way of losing weight. Although there are other ways of weight loss, they are prone to making you regain what you lost. Intermittent fasting ensures your body is free from those calorific foods that add weight to the body. It shows lifestyle change where you intake less or no meals at some periods. For a whole week, you can decide to fast for two days while the rest of the days, the light meals are staggered. The intake of fluids can also be combined to reduce calories.


Intermittent fasting has been shown by researches to contribute to low levels of hypertension and cholesterol level in the body. When you don't intake meals, your body is deprived of harmful diets that accelerated development of type 2 diabetes. The level of stress is also lowered and the low levels of cholesterol enhance your body to keep off heart diseases. The process of fasting is imperative in ensuring the body gets new cells that are able to maximize the body's level of fighting diseases. Watch this video at and know more about weight loss.


Intermittent fasting has the benefits of enabling the body's brain keep alert. When the body isn't concentrated on a lot of foods, the brains works well and the hormones are increased that ensures you are alert. There also a degenerative issue that affects the brain like the Alzheimer's illnesses and these are kept off. This keeps the brain healthy. Know the intermittent fasting benefits here!


Intermittent fasting is vital in enabling your mind to focus while undergoing a serious event like an examination or rethinking about life. It provides a moment of denial of foods so that you are able to ponder what lies next. In conclusion, it's imperative to practice intermittent fasting as it's not only the Muslims that ought to have it. The proven benefits are more than the negatives thought you may have about it. You can also opt for 24 hours fasting which will also make all the above benefits follow you.